• Beetroot soup with beef and sour cream45 Kč
  • Broccoli pancakes with boiled potatoes with chives and tartar sauce129 Kč
  • Pork steak with green pepper and groat risotto with beetroot145 Kč

Speciality of the week

  • Pulled pork sandwich with pickled red onions, homemade BBQ sauce and side salad169 Kč
Restaurant view from the brewery.

Restaurant view from the brewery

Our Beer

  • Vinohradská 11, 0,5 l50 Kč
  • Vinohradská 12, 0,4 l54 Kč
  • Jantarová 13, 0,5 l52 Kč
  • Bavarian Weissbier, 0,5 l52 Kč
  • Liberator APA, 0,4 l59 Kč
  • Western Approaches IPL , 0,4l59 Kč
  • Chaubunagungamaug NEIPA, 0,4l84 Kč
  • Dark Matter Stout, aged, 0,4 l79 Kč
  • Summer69, 0,4 l69 Kč
  • Enigma Encrypted APA, 0,4 l64 Kč
  • Svatováclavská 1362 Kč
  • Enigma Encrypted APA, 0,4l64 Kč


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Vinohradská 11 (alcohol content 4,5%) is an unpasteurized and unfiltered standard Pilsner style beer with rich hoppy flavour of Žatecký poloranný červěňák (Saaz) and Premiant. It is characterized by a full body and golden colour.. We use Pilsner and Bavarian malt made by the traditional methods, i.e. barley is dried on malt house floors.

Vinohradská 12 (alcohol content 4,2%) is traditionally brewed premium lager. We used Žatecký poloranný červěňák (Saaz) only, which gives the beer light aroma and balanced bitterness.

Jantarová 13 (alcohol content 4,9%) is a special copper-coloured, amber beer with a full body and a hint of caramel. The colour and caramel taste is gained by adding a bit of roasted malted barley. The combination of Žatecký poloranný červeňák (Saaz) and Premiant hops give the Jantarová 13 a unique taste and have made it popular abroad, especially in Scandinavia.

Liberator APA (alcohol content 4,5%) is a light, top fermented beer. We got inspired by the US Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber and created this beer with 24 IBU’s. This lower bitterness goes well with it's aroma of Centennial and Mosaic hops. We also used Pilsen, Munich and caramel malt. Liberator APA is a session ALE, has a taste and scent of pineapple, mango and tangerine.

Western Approaches IPL (alcohol content 5,1%) is a light bottom fermented strong beer - India Pale Lager 13, which has the character of a classic lager as well as of an IPA. We made it as a lager and added American hops (Cascade and Loral), which turned out as a session beer with higher bitterness and a floral - citrus aroma.

Ahtanum IPA (alcohol content 6,2%) is a strong top fermented light beer. We used Chinook, Simcoe, Ahtanum and Sládek hops and Pilsen and munich malt. The Ahtanum hops gives it fresh grapefruit aroma and floral scent. It has light herbal and citrus taste and lower bitterness.

Mellange IPA (alcohol content 6,4%) is a light, top fermented IPA. It has a fresh, fruity taste and it is easy to drink. Usually we brew American style ALEs so compared to those, Mellange IPA is mild in taste and has a very specific hoppy aroma - thanks to using Australian Ella and Galaxy hops. It is mild but also has a strong aroma of citrus and flowers. Ella hops give it a taste of appricots and peaches, Galaxy hops adds maracuja, blackberries and gooseberries. When choosing the name we got inspired by Frank Herbert's movie Dune - "melange" extends human life and gives mental superpowers.

Dark Matter Stout, archive (alcohol content 6,4%) is a dark top fermented beer made of five types of malt and roasted barley. We brewed this Stout in November last year and it turned out very well that time so we saved a part of it and aged it. It became nicely smooth in taste with aroma of coffee and chocolate. It has just a little bit of hoppy aroma, low zest and mild bitterness. Dark Matter Stout is very dark in colour and has a beige thick foam.


  • Müller Thurgau Geil, 0,1l46 Kč
  • Gruner Veltliner , 0,25 l68 Kč
  • "Roséčko" Zweigeltrebe (Moravia), 0,1 l44 Kč
  • Pinot Chardonnay Sedlák (Moravia), 0,25l86 Kč
  • Trebbiano (Italy), 0,25 l96 Kč
  • Riesling Trocken (Germany), 0,1l49 Kč
  • Merlot, 0,25 l68 Kč
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (France), 0,25 l86 Kč
  • Sangiovese (Italy), 0,25 l96 Kč
  • Syrah, 0,1l49 Kč


Daniela Stellová, restaurant manager
(+420) 737 506 148




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