• Beef broth with vegetables, meat and pancake noodles49 Kč
  • Chicken drumsticks with chilli and ginger, roasted Grenaille potatoes, sour cream dip149 Kč
  • Beef stroganoff with basmati rice154 Kč
  • Deep fried cauliflower with boiled potatoes, parsley and tartar sauce145 Kč

Speciality of the week

  • Pulled pork sandwich with BBQ sauce, pickled onions and side salad199 Kč


  • Daily offer soup49 Kč
  • Asparagus cream soup with pancetta64 Kč


  • Pork brawn with onions and tarragon vinegar119 Kč
  • Pork rillettes with mustard and onions109 Kč
  • Duck liver paté with almonds, cranberries and onion jam119 Kč
  • Roasted soft sausages with dark beer149 Kč
  • Marinated herring with dill, dijon mustard and apples149 Kč
  • Lamb sausage with mustard dip and cabbage salad with horseradish129 Kč
  • Lard and rinds spread in jar with onions109 Kč
  • Marinated or grilled cheese (daily offer)109 Kč
  • Roastbeef with mustard dip and pickles149 Kč
  • Salted fried almonds79 Kč


  • Duck confit with red cabbage, mini potato dumplings and fried onions 299 Kč
  • Deer with cream sauce, Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries279 Kč
  • Grilled pork tenderloin with truffle sauce and roasted Grenaille potatoes with bacon and parsley279 Kč
  • Roasted marinated pork ribs with pickled peppers, garlic mayo and bread239 Kč
  • Chicken roll marinated in brandy, potato puree with cream and butter, portobello mushrooms with baby spinach and shallot sauce239 Kč
  • Pork schnitzel with light potato salad249 Kč
  • White asparagus with butter, creamy potato puree and vierge sauce219 Kč
  • Mini potato gnocchi with garlic, onions and ripened cheese199 Kč


  • Lentil salad with roastbeef, pickles, bell peppers and spicy dressing219 Kč
  • Mixed lettuce with tomatoes, fried chicken strips, tomato dressing with mayo 199 Kč
  • Salad with baby spinach, peas, shallots, grilled goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and balsamic glaze199 Kč


  • Chocolate mousse with wild berries89 Kč
  • Our beer ice cream 79 Kč
  • Plum crumble with blueberries and vanilla ice cream89 Kč
  • Sweet potato dumplings stuffed with fruit, sour cream and almonds89 Kč


  • Vinohradská 11, 0,5l57 Kč
  • Vinohradská 12, 0,5l59 Kč
  • Jantarová 13, 0,5l59 Kč
  • Weiss 11, 0,5l67 Kč
  • Liberator, 0,4l67 Kč
  • Ahtanum IPA, 0,4l74 Kč
  • Hazy Galaxy Session IPA, 0,4l74 Kč
  • Less Sugars More Fun Brut IPA, 0,3l69 Kč


  • Maisel´s Weisse , 0,33 l40 Kč
  • Birell amber, 0,33 l36 Kč
  • Maisel Pale Ale46 Kč
  • Bakalář alcohol free, 0,33 l36 Kč


  • Orange/multivitamin/apple, 0,2 l29 Kč


  • Mineral water Mattoni, 0,33 l36 Kč
  • Still water Aquila, 0,33 l36 Kč
  • Tonic water / ginger ale, 0,25 l42 Kč
  • Royal Crown Cola44 Kč
  • Coca-cola / zero, 0,33 l42 Kč


  • Ginger/lemon/grapefruit, 0,5 l59 Kč
  • Ginger/lemon/grapefruit, 0,3 l45 Kč
  • Elderberry, raspberry, cucumber, 0,5 l49 Kč
  • Elderberry/raspberry/cucumber, 0,3 l39 Kč


  • Café latté62 Kč
  • Vienna coffee59 Kč
  • Coffee with eggnog and whipped cream69 Kč
  • Irish coffee69 Kč
  • Iced coffee76 Kč
  • Double espresso59 Kč
  • Espresso46 Kč
  • Cappuccino52 Kč


  • Fresh mint/ginger tea 46 Kč
  • Tea Eilles (black, green, fruit, camomille)42 Kč
  • "Grog" - hot rum with lemon and sugar62 Kč
  • Mulled wine64 Kč


  • Pear brandy, 0,04 l76 Kč
  • Plum brandy, 0,04 l76 Kč
  • Apricot brandy, 0,04 l76 Kč
  • Apple brandy from oak barrel, 0,04l76 Kč
  • Grappa Marzadro Tradizionale, 0,04l98 Kč
  • Oak barrel spirit, 0,04 l110 Kč
  • Pear spirit Wiliams Marzadro, 0,04 l130 Kč


  • Tanqueray, 0,04 l79 Kč
  • Tanqueray No10, 0,04l96 Kč
  • Bombay Sapphire, 0,04 l68 Kč
  • Ginza Gin, 0,4l88 Kč


  • Fernet, 0,04 l58 Kč
  • Becherovka, 0,04 l58 Kč
  • Griotka Bartida - cherry liqueur, 0,04 l56 Kč
  • Hořká Bartida - herb liqueur, 0,04 l56 Kč
  • Jägermeister, 0,04 l65 Kč
  • Sweet pear liquor, 0,04l59 Kč
  • Walnut liqueur, 0,04 l69 Kč
  • Peppermint likér Bartida - peppermint liqueur, 0,04 l56 Kč
  • Eggnog Bartida, 0,05 l56 Kč


  • Jack Daniels, 0,04 l79 Kč
  • Jameson, 0,04 l69 Kč
  • Gold Cock 8y, 0,04 l110 Kč
  • Laphroaig 10Y, 0,04 l119 Kč
  • Glenfiddich 12y129 Kč
  • Lagavulin 16Y, 0,04 l159 Kč
  • Bulleit Bourbon, 0,04l95 Kč


  • CRYO, 0,04l60 Kč
  • Belvedere119 Kč


  • Tuzemák Bartida, 0,04 l55 Kč
  • Cpt. Morgan, 0,04 l69 Kč
  • Malteco 10Y, 0,04 l79 Kč
  • Malecon 8Y, 0,04 l72 Kč
  • Botran reserva 15Y, 0,04 l96 Kč
  • Diplomatico 12Y, 0,04 l118 Kč
  • Zacapa 23Y, 0,04 l128 Kč
  • Millonario XO, 0,04 l195 Kč


  • Bag with our logo220 Kč
  • Beer mug with our logo89 Kč
  • Basic black T-shirt with our logo350 Kč
  • Organic cotton T-shirt with VP logo490 Kč
  • Sweatshirt with VP logo990 Kč