• Chicken broth with homemade gnocchi39 Kč
  • Roasted beef with garlic, potato dumplings and spinach129 Kč
  • Smoked pork neck with mashed peas, fried onions and pickles125 Kč
  • Deep fried cauliflower, potatoes with parsley and tartar sauce120 Kč

Speciality of the week

  • Chili con carne with tortilla, fresh coriander, cheddar cheese and sour cream169 Kč
Restaurant view from the brewery.

Restaurant view from the brewery

Our Beer

  • Vinohradská 11, 0,5 l46 Kč
  • Jantarová 13, 0,5 l48 Kč
  • APA 12, 0,4 l49 Kč
  • Vinohradská 12, 0,5 l48 Kč
  • Anniversary IPA 14, 0,4 l59 Kč

Starters / Beer Specials

  • Duck liver paté with cranberries, almonds and onion marmelade89 Kč
  • Cold roastbeef with mustard sauce and pickles139 Kč
  • Pork rillettes with mustard sauce85 Kč
  • Pork lard and rinds spread, onion74 Kč
  • "Tlačenka" - slices of pork in jelly with onion and vinegar65 Kč
  • Grilled camembert cheese with cranberries and small salad99 Kč
  • Prague ham with horseradish créme fraiche and apple salad115 Kč
  • Lamb sausages with mustard dip and small colleslaw89 Kč
  • Roasted duck breast, blueberry sauce with chilli, small salad with pumpkin oil and seeds159 Kč

Our beers on tap

Vinohradská 11 (alcohol content 4.2%) is an unpasteurized and unfiltered standard Pilsner style beer with rich hoppy flavour of Žatecký poloranný červěňák (Saaz) and Premiant. It is characterized by a full body and golden colour.. We use Pilsner and Bavarian malt made by the traditional methods, i.e. barley is dried on malt house floors.

Vinohradská 12 (alcohol content 4.8%) is a premium Czech/Pilsner style of bottom-fermented beer made with only Saaz and featuring slightly darker appearance than the Vinohradská 11.

Jantarová 13 (alcohol content 5.0%) is a special copper-coloured, amber beer with a full body and a hint of caramel. The colour and caramel taste is gained by adding a bit of roasted malted barley. The combination of Žatecký poloranný červeňák (Saaz) and Premiant hops give the Jantarová 13 a unique taste and have made it popular abroad, especially in Scandinavia.

IPA 14 (alcohol content 5,9%) is a special top-fermented beer with a large amount of American hops giving it a stronger flower aroma. The beer is brewed with Sládek, Amarillo and Cascade hops. Bavarian, Pilsner and caramel malts are also used.

Main Courses

  • Confit duck leg with red cabbage and mini potato dumplings269 Kč
  • Wild boar with rosehip sauce and homemade bread dumplings259 Kč
  • Pork schnitzel with light potato salad189 Kč
  • Pork tenderloin with gorgonzola sauce and roasted Grenaille potatoes with bacon239 Kč
  • Chicken roll marinated in brandy, potato puree with cream and spring spinach189 Kč
  • Pork brisket with dark beer, red cabbage and mini potato dumplings159 Kč
  • Mini potato dumplings with creamy spinach and garlic129 Kč
Upper pub

Upstairs pub

PET bottles

PET 1L Vinohradské 11 for 85, 12 for 90, 12 Weiss for 90, Jantarová 13 for 90, APA 12 for 110 and IPA 14 for 125 Kč.


  • Müller Thurgau Geil, 0,1l46 Kč
  • Sauvignon Blanc, 0,25 l68 Kč
  • "Roséčko" Zweigeltrebe (Moravia), 0,25 l78 Kč
  • Pinot Chardonnay Sedlák (Moravia), 0,25l86 Kč
  • Pinot Grigio (Italy), 0,25 l96 Kč
  • Riesling Trocken 2015 (Germany), 0,1l49 Kč
  • Merlot, 0,25 l68 Kč
  • Cabernet Moravia Sedlák (Moravia), 0,25 l82 Kč
  • Tannat merlot (Uruguay), 0,25l88 Kč
  • Sangiovese (Italy), 0,25 l96 Kč
  • Les 3 Chevaliers, 0,1l52 Kč


Daniela Stellová, restaurant manager
(+420) 737 506 148


  • Salad with fried chicken strips149 Kč
  • Salad with beetroot, spring spinach, marinated pear, blue goat cheese, walnuts and honey dressing165 Kč
  • Salad with roastbeef and spicy dressing169 Kč


  • Sweet dumplings stuffed with fruit, topped with cheese curd and hot butter75 Kč
  • Chocolate mousse with cherries and brandy, whipped cream60 Kč
  • Cheesecake with fresh fruit85 Kč

Kitchen with the lower restaurant


Hall with a view of the lager tanks