Entrance at Korunní



Dear guests! Due to the latest news we are forced to temporary close our restaurant. Anyway, if you’d like to get our beer to go, we’re open for that everyday (weekends included) from 11:00 to 18:00. In case you’d like to buy a bigger amount or a keg let us know on or (+420) 607 040 120. Cheers!


Mash tun / Kettle with Lauter tun in the foreground


Our beers on tap

Vinohradská 11 (alcohol content 4,2%) is an unpasteurized and unfiltered standard Pilsner style beer with rich hoppy flavour of Žatecký poloranný červěňák (Saaz) and Premiant. It is characterized by a full body and golden colour.. We use Pilsner and Bavarian malt made by the traditional methods, i.e. barley is dried on malt house floors.

Jantarová 13 (alcohol content 5,0%) is a special copper-coloured, amber beer with a full body and a hint of caramel. The colour and caramel taste is gained by adding a bit of roasted malted barley. The combination of Žatecký poloranný červeňák (Saaz) and Premiant hops give the Jantarová 13 a unique taste and have made it popular abroad, especially in Scandinavia.

India Pale Lager 13 (alcohol content 5,3%) is a light bottom fermented beer. It is the first beer of this type we made here. We used Cascade and Loral hops and brewed it as a classic lager. It is session IPL with higher bitterness and floral-citrus aroma.

IPA 14 (alcohol content 5,9%) is a light, top fermented beer and an amber colour. We used Pale ale, Munich and caramel malt as well as Sládek, Amarillo and Cascade cryo hops. IPA 14 has a strong aroma and a nice bitter taste.

Imperial IPA 19 (alcohol content 7,9%) is a strong top fermented light beer. We used double the amount of malt and hops that we normally do as well as Columbus, Simcoe and Cascade cryo hops. It has a dark orange color, full taste, strong aroma of apricots, mango, canary melon and fruity taste. Only in bottles.

STOUT 17 (alcohol content 6,7%) is a top fermented STOUT brewed from five types of malt and roasted barley. It’s very dark in color and has thick creamy foam. The aroma is more coffee than hops. You can get freshly poured here or try it's aged version in bottles .