• Beans soup with bacon43 Kč
  • Homemade venison meatloaf with mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and pickles143 Kč
  • Stir fry chicken with mustard sauce, green beans and cous cous139 Kč
  • Deep fried cauliflower, potatoes with parsley and tartar sauce129 Kč

Speciality of the week

  • Grilled salmon with lentils, mung sprouts, champignons, portobello mushrooms and baby spinach169 Kč
Entrance at Korunní



Mash tun / Kettle with Lauter tun in the foreground


Our beers on tap

Vinohradská 11 (alcohol content 4,2%) is an unpasteurized and unfiltered standard Pilsner style beer with rich hoppy flavour of Žatecký poloranný červěňák (Saaz) and Premiant. It is characterized by a full body and golden colour.. We use Pilsner and Bavarian malt made by the traditional methods, i.e. barley is dried on malt house floors.

Jantarová 13 (alcohol content 5,0%) is a special copper-coloured, amber beer with a full body and a hint of caramel. The colour and caramel taste is gained by adding a bit of roasted malted barley. The combination of Žatecký poloranný červeňák (Saaz) and Premiant hops give the Jantarová 13 a unique taste and have made it popular abroad, especially in Scandinavia.

Tmavá 14 (alcohol content 5,9%) is a dark, strong, bottom fermented beer. We use caramel, Pilsner, wheat and Munich malt as well as Žatecký poloraný červeňák and Premiant hops. Tmavá 14 has medium bitterness, nice dark colour and a taste of roasted barley. It was aged for 60 days.

IPA 14 (alcohol content 5,9%) is a light, top fermented beer and an amber colour. We used Pale ale, Munich and caramel malt as well as Sládek, Amarillo and Cascade cryo hops. IPA 14 has a strong aroma and a nice bitter taste.

Imperial IPA 19 (alcohol content 7,9%) is a strong top fermented light beer. We used double the amount of malt and hops that we normally do as well as Columbus, Simcoe and Cascade cryo hops. It has a dark orange color, full taste, strong aroma of apricots, mango, canary melon and fruity taste. Only in bottles.

STOUT 17 (alcohol content 6,7%) is a top fermented STOUT brewed from five types of malt and roasted barley. Our brewer made it a year ago and aged it in kegs. It’s very dark in color and has thick creamy foam. The aroma is more coffee than hops. Only in bottles.

Lager tanks